Cool Weather Continues Today

Hello everyone!

Cool weather will continue today as northwesterly breezes continue pushing Canadian air into the region. Unlike yesterday, we have a warm front located to our southwest this morning so much of the southwestern half of the area is experiencing overcast skies. This will continue throughout the day as that front remains more or less stationary. The farther northeast you go, the more sunshine you’ll be able to enjoy.

Parts of the area closest to the front, in southern NH, will see a couple rounds of shower/thunderstorm activity pass through today. One is ongoing as of 9 AM while a couple more are waiting in the wings over northern NY. Because we’re on the cool side of the front, these storms are unlikely to be severe but rumbles of thunder and some breezy conditions are possible. Precipitation will be most widespread early this afternoon when some rain showers could make it as far north as the White Mountains of NH and York/Cumberland/southern Oxford counties up in Maine. Dry weather and sunshine then steadily makes a comeback for the evening.

High temps today will range from the upper 50s/low 60s in the mountains and far SW NH to the low/mid 70s along Maine’s coastal plain.


4 thoughts on “Cool Weather Continues Today”

  1. More congratulations are in order! I said to the boss: I’m sure that’s the guy I get my weather forecasts from. Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of your contribution. I hope there are many more to come; you’re passion and expertise shines through.

  2. Great to have seen a clip last night of your national television debut (or was it a debut?) Good job!

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