Spectacular Late-Summer Weather Returns Today

Hello everyone!

After some much-needed rain yesterday, we’re back to 10/10 late-summer weather today. Northwesterly breezes mean free refills of refreshing Canadian air and aside from some upslope clouds in the mountains/foothills this morning, skies will be partly to mostly sunny (afternoon cumulus pop up as per usual with cool air aloft). Upslope clouds and any sprinkles they may contain will fade this afternoon. I wouldn’t be shocked to see one or two of our afternoon cumulus get tall enough to produce a rain shower or two but most of us should stay dry today.

High temps will range from the upper 50s up in the mountains to the mid 70s along the coastal plain.


One thought on “Spectacular Late-Summer Weather Returns Today”

  1. Hi Jack,
    I was recently on top of Mt. Moosilauke and witnessed what was for me an odd weather occurrence: looking along the North/South ridge-line, clouds moved up the slope from both sides at about the same speed (maybe 10mph), and within 100 yards of ridge-line met and went vertical. I suspect meteorologist have some term for this; I think English majors call this convergence of the twain.

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