Very Mild Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feel a lot more like September than November as unusual warmth continues ahead of a storm system way west of the region in Montana. The whole central/eastern US is feeling the warmth today. One change from yesterday will be a little bit more in the way of cloud cover especially over the mountains and northeastern parts of the area. This will hold temps down a little bit in these areas but high temps are still expected to soar into the mid 60s there. Farther south, a little westerly downsloping will push temps into the mid 70s across southern NH and adjacent interior SW ME. Believe it or not, a sea breeze will actually develop this afternoon to keep the immediate coast a bit cooler. No this is not supposed to happen in November yet here we are. Despite the sea breeze, Portland looks to break its record high temperature for the date of 69F for the second day in a row. With no precip in sight, enjoy the beautiful weather and head outside if you can today!


2 thoughts on “Very Mild Today”

  1. I can’t stand it. I’d rather have a nice fire in the woodtstove going… I’ve heard some talk about the chance for a decent rain event mid-week next from all the tropical moisture to our south being drawn north ahead of the front. Here’s hoping eh?

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