Cooler Air Begins Arriving Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the beginning of the end for our run of extremely unusual late-season warmth. A cold front moved through the region early this morning and behind it, we’ll see westerly/northwesterly winds pushing cooler air into the region. That said, with temps currently in the low to mid 60s across much of the coastal plain (!!), it’ll still feel pretty warm today even as the cool air works its way into the area. Temps will drop steadily today so whatever you’re at now will be your high temperature. By this evening, the mountains will be in the mid 30s and the coastline will be around 45-50.

Skies are overcast across the area this morning thanks to moisture streaming north from Tropical Storm Eta down in Florida. None of that moisture seems able to make it to the ground north of Long Island or so, and that’ll probably continue through most of the day. That said, a new wave of low pressure appears likely to form along the cold front this afternoon. This may graze the coastline with a brief round of showers after 4-5 PM.


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