Quick but Potent Storm Arrives Tonight

Hello everyone!

Our weather for the next 24 hours or so will be dominated by an area of low pressure rapidly intensifying over the Great Lakes. The core of the storm will remain well to our west, but it will send a potent cold front in our direction tonight. Ahead of this front, we’ll see morning sunshine give way to overcast by this afternoon. Winds will begin to pick up out of the south/southeast this afternoon in the wake of calm conditions this morning. Temps will increase from around freezing this morning to around 40-45 along the coast by this afternoon. Up in the mountains, cold air damming will hold temps in the low to mid 30s throughout the day.

Forecast map valid 10 PM 11/15

The front will arrive later this evening with precip beginning in NH between 6 and 8 PM. Outside the higher terrain, this one will be all rain. Rain will spread into Maine between 8 and 10 PM. Rain will be quite heavy at times and we should pick up around an inch of precip despite rain only falling for a couple hours in any given spot. Thankfully, the heaviest rain will arrive around 10 PM in NH and around midnight in Maine so unless you’re out and about around then for some reason, you probably won’t notice much of a disruption.

The bigger potential for disruption will arise from strong southeasterly winds that will gust over 40 mph at times along the coast. This is knocking on the door of power outage thresholds and I suspect a few folks will wake up in the dark tomorrow morning. If your location is especially prone to outages, think about what you can do today to minimize that potential impact. The strongest winds will be felt along the Midcoast east of Brunswick.

Breezy westerly winds will arrive tomorrow but they don’t appear to be quite as strong.


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