Quite Mild Today

Hello everyone!

Breezy southwesterly winds have continued to push warmer air into the region overnight, and that will set the stage for a mild day today. Just how warm we can get probably depends on the extent to which a deck of fairly thick mid/high clouds can break up this afternoon. As of right now, it looks like most of us will remain mostly cloudy for most of the day. That means that temps should top out around 50 in the north and around 60 in southern NH. If we can get a couple hours of sunshine midday, low 60s could spread across much of the Maine coast. Southwesterly breezes will continue today and could get a bit gusty along the coast (~30mph) but should stay below the threshold for any power outage worries.

Any time warm air is replacing cold air, we have to think a bit about precipitation but dry air near the surface today should keep any precip limited to widely scattered and brief flurries/sprinkles.


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