Windy and Rainy Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature windy and rainy conditions as a cold front marches through the region from west to east. Winds will be strongest right along the coast while cold air near the surface inland prevents gusts aloft from making their way to the ground. Aside from a couple sheltered valleys in the far north, that near-surface cold air will not be chilly enough to support frozen precipitation today. Where it does, sleet and freezing rain are the most likely precipitation types. No substantial accretion is expected but slick spots on the roads will be worth watching out for.

A medley of available observational data this morning shows warm temps (upper 40s to low 50s) along the coast which is allowing southeast winds to gust 35-40 mph. You don’t have to go very far northwest though to find temps in the mid 30s and light east/northeast winds. In the sheltered valleys of Rangely and Fryeburg, temps are near freezing but should warm up just enough in the next few hours to avoid serious ice issues outside slick roads. Batches of moderate to heavy rain are moving through the area, and will continue to do so as the cold front approaches from New York.

By noon, the front will be moving through western Maine and any sleet/ice from this morning will have changed over to rain up in the mountains. Precip will linger behind the cold front and as cold air moves in, rain will change back over to snow first on the mountain summits and later in some of the mountain valleys. A dusting to 2″ of accumulation is possible before precip wraps up this evening.

Rain along and ahead of the front will be quite heavy at times and while our recent dry spell should preclude any river flooding issues, small streams might rise quickly and ponding on the roads might make for hazardous conditions in spots for those still doing the whole morning commute thing.

Rain will end from west to east during the mid/late afternoon as NW winds usher colder and drier air into the region. Those NW winds will be gustier than this morning’s SE winds for most areas.

High temps today will range from the mid 30s up north to the mid 50s along the coast. For folks inland currently in the 30s, temps will slowly warm this morning before spiking briefly this afternoon right after the cold front passes. So your high temp will technically be in the upper 40s or maybe even low 50s even though you’ll only experience that for an hour or two.


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