Light Rain and Snow Arrive Today

Hello everyone!

Another storm is headed our way today as low pressure swings up through the Great Lakes. The storm’s track west of our region means that we’ll be on the warmer side, though a lucky quirk in the storm’s timing means it won’t be all rain. The system was far enough west last night that clear skies let temps cool off quite a bit into the 10s. Now, as the sun rises this morning, clouds are moving in which will limit how much temps can warm up. So while southerly winds off the water will boost temps into the mid 30s for most of the area by this afternoon, precipitation will fall as snow in the foothills and mountains with a mix of rain and snow along the coastal plain.

This forecast map shows expected conditions at noon today, by which point snow will be falling across most of the area. The freezing line is marked by the solid blue line, and points north of there have the best shot at accumulating snow, though flakes will fly farther south. The mountains can expect 1-3″ out of this system while the foothills get a dusting-2″ and the coast would be lucky to freshen up some of the dirty snowbanks.

Temps near/above freezing mean that road conditions shouldn’t be too bad today, especially outside the mountains but watch for slick spots when and where snow falls heavily. Improved snowfall rates can easily overcome marginal near-surface temperatures to produce accumulation, even on roads.

Rain and snow will depart from west to east this afternoon while another round of snow squalls approaches from Quebec. These squalls will pass through the region overnight so shouldn’t cause much disruption, but they may be able to drop another dusting to an inch especially up in the mountains.

High temps today will range from around 30 in the mountains to around 40 in southern NH.


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