Turning Cooler Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature falling temperatures as gusty northwest winds bring colder air into the region from Canada. Whatever temperature you’re at right now will be your high temperature for the day, though mostly sunny skies downwind of the mountains will help stall the cooling trend midday. Current temps range from the upper 20s up north to the mid 40s along the NH coastline. By mid afternoon, the mountains will fall into the low/mid 20s, the foothills/coastline to the low/mid 30s, and southeastern NH into the upper 30s. Temps will drop further this evening after sunset.

As with any bout of northwest flow, clouds and snow showers will hang tough in the mountains today and upsloping might be able to squeeze out as much as 1-3″ of snow especially higher up.


One thought on “Turning Cooler Today”

  1. It’s coming in faster Jack. Already down to 30F at my location in the foothills @ 06.50 with wind gusts 30+.

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