Mild Stretch Ends Today

Hello everyone!

Our recent streak of mild weather will come to a dramatic close today as an Arctic cold front moves through. Temps are currently in the mid/upper 30s across most of the area and will rise into the upper 30s north/mid 40s south by late morning before the cold air starts to work its way in from the west. The first cold front will move through midday with a line of rain showers changing to snow up in the mountains. Winds will then turn towards the west, and we’ll see our high temps for the day between noon and 2 PM.

The Arctic front will then arrive in the mountains around 4 PM with a line of snow squalls and westerly winds turning more to the northwest. Some of these squalls will survive the trip across the mountains and bring heavy snow to the foothills/coastal plain later this evening. That said, any snow outside the favored upslope spots will be brief so accumulations will be limited to a coating or inch at best though snow may fall very heavily for a short time. Up in those favored upslope spots, several inches of fluffy snow will pile up tonight and tomorrow.

Temps will rapidly fall below freezing this evening as NW winds intensify. Whatever moisture is left on roads/surfaces after today’s rain and melting will freeze quickly after sunset so be aware if you’re headed out and about.

By tomorrow morning, temps will settle in the single digits above/below zero with 40-50 mph NW wind gusts driving wind chills to the 10s below zero along the shorelines and as cold as 30-40 below zero in the mountains.

It might now be climatological spring, but winter is still eager to make its presence known here in New England.


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