Dreadfully Hot and Humid Today

Hello everyone!

The nicest and most appropriate thing I can say about today’s weather is that it comes straight from the depths of hell. Morning clouds over northeastern parts of the area are burning off and will give way to bright sunshine by midday. This sunshine, combined with southwesterly winds, will push temperatures and dew points well past what any sensible person would deem reasonable. Highs look to range from around 90 up in the mountains to 95 in the foothills and usual warm spots just inland. Dew points will surge into the mid-upper 70s, nearly unprecedented for Northern New England. That will put heat index values firmly in the upper 90s to low 100s.

For those wishing to escape such horrific air, points south of Route 1 and east of Brunswick will be your friend as winds take on more of a southerly/ onshore component. Highs here will top out in the 80s. Hop on a boat and head into Penobscot Bay to find nice temps in the 70s (and some fog).

All this heat and humidity will provide plenty of fuel for thunderstorm activity this afternoon, but there isn’t much of a match to unleash such energy. Our best bet is probably for storms forming over New York and Vermont to wander our way later in the afternoon/evening. These storms may be quite potent from a damaging wind perspective, especially in western NH.

Another miserably humid night will follow tonight before more heat tomorrow. Relief will come in the form of a cold front on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Dreadfully Hot and Humid Today”

  1. Glad I’m missing that heat. Instead I’m in the central valley of California where it’s only going to be in the low hundreds but with comfortable humidity levels and returning to Maine Sunday after the heat there has passed.🥵👎

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