Still Hot and Humid Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature continued hot and humid weather as a cold front sadly remains to our west. Look for morning fog and stratus along the coast (especially the Midcoast) to burn off to sunny skies over the next couple hours. That sunshine along with southwesterly breezes will once again push temps into the low to mid 90s for most of the area with just a few upper 80s scattered along the immediate coast (even cooler if you’re in Rockland or nearby!). Dew points will actually drop a bit from yesterday especially over the north and mountains where a pocket of drier air will pass by overhead. Down south though, it will be another day of >70F dew points making Maine feel a lot more like Miami (I believe our 78F dew point yesterday beat Miami but if it didn’t, it at least got very close).

Precipitation chances once again look somewhat limited today as the best forcing to get thunderstorms going will remain locked well to our northwest. If we can manage to pop a storm or two off the mountains this afternoon, heavy rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds would all be worth keeping an eye on. We have a very unusual amount of thunderstorm fuel in the tank, it’s just a matter of finding a match to set it off.

One more brutally warm and humid night before a cold front brings sweet sweet relief tomorrow (especially in the evening).


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