Warm, Humid, and Rainy Today

Hello everyone!

After a few days on the road, I have made it most of the way back across the country so updates on the weather in northeastern New England are back.

Today’s weather will be dominated by the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred which will be passing overhead. Fred has dragged some of the Gulf of Mexico north with its circulation, and as such today will feel more like New Orleans than Maine. Look for overcast skies, warm temps (70s), and tropical dew points (also 70s). Fred will bring bands of heavy rain beginning in the next hour or so over southwestern NH and starting midmorning farther northeast up in Maine.

The heaviest rain will cross the region from southwest to northeast during the early to mid-afternoon hours. Thunderstorms embedded within the broader system during this time could produce extremely intense rainfall capable of leading to flash flooding. The atmosphere is also set up as favorably for tornadoes as it ever will be in Maine, and I would not be surprised at all to see some tornado warnings go up this afternoon especially southwest of a Portland-Fryeburg line. Keep an eye out for either flash flood or tornado warnings this afternoon and take a minute to refresh your memory on what to do in the event of each (tornado = go to the basement/interior room, flash flood = get to high ground, both at the same time = as low as you can go without being flooded).

Rain will taper off this evening slowly from southwest to northeast with humid air lingering.


One thought on “Warm, Humid, and Rainy Today”

  1. Fred turned into a big disappointment for much of northern New England, where Flood watches had been issued, and a multi-inch rainfall event had been forecasted. Here in much of Maine and northern New Hampshire we’ll be lucky if we get much more than a tenth or two as it falls apart passing through the area. 👎😕

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