Heavy Rain Arrives Later Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of some heavy rain as a seasonably strong autumn storm sweeps through the area. Southeasterly breezes this morning will continue to pick up through the day as the storm approaches, and any gaps in cloud cover this morning will be quick to fill in over the next hour or two.

Rain will arrive from the west in the late morning over NH and early afternoon for ME. It’ll be a pretty straightforward rain event with about 4-6 hours of solid rain in any given spot. Some thunderstorms might be embedded within the line of heavier showers right along the cold front, but overall the more favorable environment for severe weather is farther to our west (there appears to have just been a brief tornado a bit east of where I’m sitting in Ithaca NY). Regardless of any possible thunderstorm activity, strong southeast winds might be able to knock out power to a few of the usual suspects this afternoon along the coast. Overall though, this doesn’t seem like a high-impact event.

Temps will range from the mid 40s up in the mountains to the upper 50s over southern NH.


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