More Showers Today But No Repeat Of Last Night Expected

Hello everyone!

Wasn’t that some interesting weather last night? Deep tropical moisture got wrung out by a surface trough embedded within a large scale pattern of rising air caused by a 130kt jet streak. In other words, it rained. A lot. Hopefully everyone’s basements are dry and even if they aren’t, just remember that a lot of water just went into the aquifer which benefits everyone. In terms of today’s weather, look for more clouds and showers but nothing like yesterday’s show. There looks to be one band of moderate to heavy rain this afternoon but otherwise showers will be on the lighter side and scattered as well. Temps will remain pretty similar to yesterday with highs in the low 60’s south. The change in temps will start across the mountains today where by evening, temps will be in the 30’s and snow will be falling at elevation.

That chill spreads south for tomorrow along with gusty NW winds.