Another Summer Stunner

Hello everyone!

More stunning Maine summer weather is on tap for today as Canadian high pressure remains in control of our weather. Hurricane Chris is passing several hundred miles east of the area this morning, and its impacts on our area are twofold. First, northerly winds on the system’s western side are keeping our cool/dry air pipeline open. Second, swells from the system have arrived this morning and will create hazardous conditions (and great surfing!) at exposed shoreline points.

With astronomical high tides occurring this month at the point in Earth’s orbit that’s closest to the sun (perigee), some waves that typically would remain in the intertidal zone may drift up into low-lying coastal lawns/roads. Aside from the brief splashover/flooding, and the rip current risk, Chris will remain a low impact system for our area as it rockets towards Newfoundland.

Skies are mainly sunny this morning, with NW winds from Chris setting up an upslope/downslope pattern where the only part of the area with cloud cover is the northwestern slopes of the mountains. These clouds should decrease somewhat in areal coverage later this afternoon as temps warm up. Speaking of high temps, look for highs in the upper 60’s north to the upper 70’s south. No precipitation is expected.


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