Cool And Dreary Today

Hello everyone!

A warm front extends from Lake Ontario east through New York City and Nantucket this morning. If you draw that out on your mental map , you’ll see a big dip in the front east of the Appalachians. Longtime readers of this blog/watchers of Maine weather will recognize this signature as Cold Air Damming. In the wintertime, CAD brings notoriously hard to predict ice/sleet, but in the fall when temps aren’t cold enough for that yet, we just have dreary weather with cool temps and steady rain.

That steady rain is more in drizzle form than full on rain form this morning, but heavier precip will move in this evening as an area of low pressure approaches. Some embedded thunder is possible with that round of rain. Skies will be overcast today with the rain, which will also contribute to cool temps. Highs will range from the low 40’s in the north to the mid 50’s along the SE NH coastline. NE breezes will make those temps feel even a bit cooler than that. Enjoy!


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