Storm System Departs Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the departure of last night’s storm system, which brought rain, sleet, and snow to various parts of the area. As the system heads out, we’ll see NW winds develop. These winds will serve a few purposes as we head through the day, depending on your location.

For the mountains, NW winds keep upslope clouds locked in place along with continued upslope snow. Higher terrain sees an additional 1-3″ of accumulation as sleet changes back to snow and temps fall back into the 20’s this afternoon.

For the foothills, NW winds break the cold air dam and result in temps briefly jumping up into the mid to upper 30’s. After that, temps will start to fall as some sunny breaks develop.

For the coast, NW winds result in a downslope clearing/warming trend with developing sunshine and temps jumping up into the upper 40’s/lower 50’s by midday. Temps will fall this afternoon as the colder airmass moves in.