Major Winter Storm Today

Hello everyone!

An amazing day of weather is forecast for much of the region today as deep tropical moisture blasts north into deep Arctic cold. The results are already evident with bands of heavy snow visible on radar imagery.

If you look closely, you’ll see a more speckled appearance to the radar near Rochester NH. That’s the fly in the ointment of today’s weather: warm air moving in aloft that will change snow over to sleet SE of the mountains.

The basic forecast idea remains similar to yesterday. The mountains are all snow with around/a little over two feet expected. The foothills will change over to sleet in the next few hours, with 12-20″ expected (more north). The coast will see enough cold air erode for freezing rain with potentially impactful ice accretion.

Note: this map shows the amount of liquid that might fall as freezing rain, *not* how much ice will actually stick to trees/power lines etc.

Freezing rain could be significant at the coast. 1″ of rain falling into a near surface layer around 15F will translate to between a quarter and a half inch of ice. That’s more than enough to cause significant disruptions if it pans out! I think some of that falls at sleet, especially W of 95. Be prepared to potentially be without power as winds crank up tomorrow and while a third of an inch of ice won’t take a tree down on its own, add 40 mph winds and it’s a much different story.

Temps today will range from 0 in the north to 20 in the south. Enjoy the storm!