Small Winter Storm Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

A fairly small winter storm will be arriving today as low pressure moves through the Great Lakes. The system will be weakening as it approaches our area, so after an initial burst of moderate to heavy snow, expect lighter precip to quickly take over. Snow is already falling across SW NH, and it will expand to the northeast this morning. Precip types will become messy this afternoon and this evening before the system pulls away tonight.

As for precip types, the mountains will see a mostly snow event with only a brief changeover to freezing rain while the foothills see snow changing over to sleet and freezing rain much earlier. Only the coast is expected to see plain rain as cold air damming keeps surface temps cold even as warm air sneaks in aloft.

Snowfall totals will range from 3-6″ in the mountains to a coating along the shores of Penobscot Bay. High temps will range from around 30 in the north to 40 in the south.


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