The Warmup Continues

Hello everyone!

Today will feature continued warming as mild air flows north ahead of a powerful storm in the Plains. Expect high temps to range from 40 in the mountains to 55 in Southern NH. Some low clouds and fog are noted on visible satellite imagery this morning, and a mix of sun and clouds is expected across the area today as upper level cloud cover spills over the top of the upper level ridge located overhead. The rain from this system will hold off until tomorrow, but thankfully it won’t be too heavy.


2 thoughts on “The Warmup Continues”

  1. Don’t forget the influence the cold Atlantic has on Maine this time of year. Unless there’s a strong west wind, the warmth will likely be tempered considerably for a large portion of the state. 🙂

    1. For sure! The warmth is already quite tempered by the ocean, and that’s reflected in the forecast. For central Maine, 850mb temps get up to +4/+5C which would support 64-68F at the surface ordinarily. But we have a strong SSE wind so I’ve gone 40-45 for most except SE NH which gets less of the marine influence

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