A Pleasant First Day Of Spring

Hello everyone!

For those excited about warmer weather, today marks the first day of astronomical spring, where the sun’s most direct rays are cast on the equator. The first day of spring also marks an interesting moment where everyone on earth sees (approximately) the same amount of daylight. No matter whether you’re at the North Pole, near the Equator, or somewhere in between, today will feature about 12 hours of daylight (give or take a little based on topography, refraction, etc.).

Enough about astronomy, what about today’s weather? It will be pretty quiet across the region. Look for sunny skies this morning shifting over to a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. Temps will range from 35 in the mountains to 50 in the south. Along the immediate coast, a sea breeze will develop this afternoon and keep temps in the 40’s.


2 thoughts on “A Pleasant First Day Of Spring”

  1. Jack – thank you always for making me smile reading about the weather. This post brings me back to having you in 7th grade science, learning about equinoxes and seasons. Thank you for continually teaching me!
    – Ms. Barschdorf 🙂

  2. Jack, I like your bio that popped up when I followed the link this morning. I had to laugh at your reference to becoming interested in weather “SEVERAL years ago, when I was six”… I forget how young you are. You being pride to Maine with your remarkable depth of knowledge. Enjoy your spring hikes!

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