Warmer Today (For Some)

Hello everyone!

We’ve finally kicked the persistent onshore flow pattern that left us in the cloudy/showery weather for much of the past few weeks. Today, we’ll see the atmosphere make an attempt at authentic spring-like weather, though that attempt will only be successful for some of the area.

Most of the region is under a solid overcast this morning, with some showers in both northeastern and far southern areas. Both areas will continue to see rainy weather for at least the first half of the day. As we move into the afternoon, some sunshine will attempt to break through the clouds in New Hampshire as warm air tries a bit harder to push to the north. That sunshine will lead to increasing temps, and thus increasing instability. A few showers and perhaps a thunderstorm will make use of that instability this evening, so keep that in mind if you have outdoor plans. Showers and storms will weaken as they move NE into Maine after sunset.

High temps will depend largely on where you are in the region today. In the northern mountains and areas NE of Waterville, you’ll struggle to get to the 50 degree mark. Portland, Lewiston, and Berlin NH will trace out roughly the 60 degree isotherm (line of equal temperature) while the CT Valley and parts of NH south of the White Mountains get into the low to mid 70’s.

Both warm weather and thunderstorm activity will spread northeast tomorrow.