Thunderstorms Arrive This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

We’ll hit another seasonal milestone today in our slow march towards summer with the arrival of our first severe thunderstorm threat. A cold front will be swinging through from west to east this afternoon, and some clearing in front of the boundary will help to destabilize the air across the region by warming up the low levels.

Some shower activity is noted this morning across eastern parts of the area as the remnants of last night’s New York thunderstorms move closer to dissipation. Behind these showers, expect dry conditions for most of the late morning to early afternoon hours. Patchy sunshine will also develop from west to east.

After 1 PM, storms will begin developing over the mountains and western parts of NH. The storms will then move off to the ENE during the rest of the afternoon into the early evening. These storms will bring hazardous weather including damaging winds, heavy rain, and lightning. Some hail is also possible. Thankfully the tornado threat looks relatively low, though one can’t be completely ruled out as we have a warm front lingering in the area which can serve to locally enhance the rotational energy available to a storm.

With WSW breezes, today will be warmer than recent days for just about everyone. Highs will range from 60 along the midcoast to the low 70’s for most of the area, and upper 70’s in the typical S NH warm spots.