Improving Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature improving weather as a cold front slowly moves east of the region. Radar imagery this morning shows shower activity departing the northern mountains and the midcoast with drier air to the west. One more batch of rain near Boston may clip the midcoast on its way east over the next few hours, but otherwise we should be mostly dry as the sun comes up.

Satellite imagery shows the back edge of this system’s cloud cover moving through NH as of 5:45 AM. That means that western parts of our area will see a pleasant day with patchy morning valley fog burning off to afternoon sunshine. The rest of us will see a few overcast hours this morning before sunshine takes over for the afternoon. The farther east you are, the longer it will take for the sunshine to get to you.

High temps today will range from around 70 in the north to around 80 in SW NH. Humidity will stay on the higher side until drier air arrives this evening.


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