More Unseasonably Warm Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature more unseasonably warm and humid weather as we remain on the wrong side of a cold front moving through the Great Lakes. Expect high temps ranging from 70 in the north to 90 in southern NH this afternoon while dew points climb into the mid 60’s. Thankfully this unpleasant airmass will be departing around this time tomorrow with the passage of the aforementioned cold front.

That front will be producing showers and thunderstorms to our west today, some of which will last long enough to arrive in our area later this evening. Expect a band of showers with a few embedded rumbles of thunder to move into the CT Valley around sunset this evening before moving east during the later evening hours. If you’re headed out and about at that time, bring an umbrella but overall this front won’t be causing much trouble.

Cooler air moves back into the region tomorrow while showers redevelop under an upper level low.


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