Turning Cooler Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps especially for NW parts of the area as a cold front brings temporary relief from the recent warm and humid airmass. The cool air will be arriving in the northern part of the area first, and high temps there are likely to end up around 60 degrees. Farther south, another mild day is expected with high temps in the mid 70’s. Thankfully, dew points will also be on the decline across the area and by this evening we’ll all be enjoying a comfortably dry airmass.

Our cool and dry airmass will be arriving more quickly aloft today than at the surface, which means we’ll have some instability developing especially over NE parts of the region. This instability along with a weak surface boundary will support the development of some showers north and east of Lewiston during the afternoon hours. These showers should be relatively brief and won’t have much overall impact, though a rumble or two of thunder is possible.


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