First Round Of Our Complex Storm Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of the first part of the complex storm system that will be impacting the region between now and New Year’s. The center of the storm is currently located over eastern Michigan and is moving north-northwest. Because the storm is located so far to our west and a very strong area of high pressure is anchored over Quebec, precipitation will have a hard time advancing through the region today.

Morning radar imagery shows steady precipitation confined to southern and western parts of the area, with the exception of SW NH where dry air aloft has already moved in. Snow is falling across most of Maine and north-central NH with the brighter echoes over south-central NH indicating the presence of warm air aloft, and thus mixing with sleet/freezing rain.

Forecast guidance for later this morning shows a similar setup to what we’re seeing now. Cold, dry air will continue moving in from Canada on north-northeasterly winds which means precipitation will struggle to make much northeasterly progress. If it’s currently snowing where you are, you’re likely to see snow for much of the day today with accumulations of 2-4″. If you’re northeast of a Brunswick-Bethel line and are currently dry, you’ll likely stay mostly dry today with little more than flurries.

Farther southwest in NH, freezing rain and freezing drizzle are being reported. Ice will continue to accumulate today with total accretion amounts between a quarter and a third of an inch.

High temps today will range from 20 in the north to 30 along the coastline.

The storm’s second act will arrive with heavy snow tomorrow morning.


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