Next Moderate Snow Event Arrives This Evening

Hello everyone!

Today has started off on the chilly side as an area of strong Arctic high pressure has finally settled in behind Thursday’s storm system.

Temps as of 9 AM are still stuck in the single digits for most places, with a few readings a little above 10 noted in southern areas (and Mt. Washington which believe it or not is among the warmer spots this morning due to an inversion, which is a layer where temperatures warm with increasing height.

Satellite imagery shows mid/high clouds moving into the region from the west ahead of our next storm system which is currently moving through the Great Lakes. Any morning sunshine will be relatively short-lived, especially over southern and western parts of the area. Most of today will feature overcast skies, which means it will be harder for temps to warm up.

With that in mind, expect high temps to range from 15 in the north to 25 in the south which is a bit below climatological averages, but not by much.

Composite radar imagery shows precipitation struggling to advance northeastward this morning as most of the leading-edge snow evaporates in the layer of very dry air near the surface.

This morning’s weather balloon observation from the Gray NWS office highlight that layer of very dry air below the 700mb pressure level (about 10,000 feet above the ground). That layer of dry air will be reinforced by continued light NNW flow in the low levels.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the HRRR’s simulated radar imagery for the upcoming event. Light/moderate snow will overspread the region this evening from SW to NE, and will become heavy around midnight before clearing out early tomorrow morning. The vast majority of this storm’s precipitation will fall as snow, but a brief period of sleet/freezing rain is possible in southern NH tomorrow morning.

Here’s the NWS forecast for snowfall totals at the end of this event. Most of the area should see around 4-8″ with locally higher totals possible in the mountains. Snow ends quickly tomorrow morning with little impact to commutes either this evening or tomorrow morning.


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