Cool and Generally Calm Today

Hello everyone!

Expect cool temperatures and generally calm weather today as high pressure slides by just to our south. That means that yesterday’s northwesterly breezes will continue today, but won’t be quite as strong. As a result, we’ll look for similar patterns regarding temps and cloud cover. For warmest temps and sunniest skies, head to the coastline where the influence of downsloping will be strongest. The mountains will remain a bit cooler, though we’ll run out of low-level moisture for upslope clouds/showers today which means that even though temps will be cooler in the north/mountains, skies should be partly/mostly sunny at least for a few hours this morning.

One small “fly in the ointment” today will be the passage of a pocket of very cold air aloft. This feature means that temperatures, even though cool at the surface, will decrease rapidly with height in the lower atmosphere. When this happens, we tend to see increased chances for shower activity in the afternoon. Around lunchtime (or perhaps a bit before), you’ll notice clouds start to develop as this vertical temperature contrast approaches a critical threshold. These clouds will grow taller and more widespread in the early afternoon, which is when they’ll begin to drop some rain showers. Not everyone will see rain this afternoon, and those that do won’t see it for long (15-30 minutes at most). Just be aware if you have outdoor plans that this morning might be a better time to get those in if you have the option. At the moment, it doesn’t appear that these showers will become tall and strong enough to produce thunder, though an isolated rumble can’t be totally ruled out in southern NH. Clouds and showers will fade as we approach sunset and the vertical temperature contrast subsides.

As mentioned before, temps today will be on the chillier side of normal and will range from the upper 40s in the mountains to upper 50s/low 60s along the coastal plain.


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