Cooler And Drier Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps and generally drier conditions as Canadian air arrives behind yesterday’s cold front. This cool air will be arriving faster aloft than at the surface, especially after a little bit of daytime heating. As a result, we’ll be dealing with an enhanced vertical temperature gradient and afternoon clouds/showers. Again, most folks won’t get rained on, and those that do won’t have to deal with it for long. The odds of afternoon showers are highest in Maine after noon.

Before we have to deal with this afternoon’s clouds and showers, we’ll have to get rid of this morning’s cloud cover. It is most abundant over the mountains and is gradually beginning to thin in southern NH and adjacent parts of southern Maine. Expect downsloping to continue bringing breaks of sunshine to the foothills and coastal plain, especially in NH. Meanwhile, upsloping will keep the mountains pretty well socked in with overcast skies.

Temps today will be delightfully cool, ranging from around 60 in the mountains to around 70 in southern NH.


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