Still Warm But Much Less Humid Today

Hello everyone!

A much nicer airmass will arrive in the region today behind yesterday’s cold front. As of 5 this morning, skies across the region are almost entirely clear (sorry about the remaining fog, Penobscot Bay, that’ll be out of your way in the next few hours) and dew points have returned to the range of acceptability (for this time of year, which is anything below 60F).

Our warmer and drier airmass near the ground will be accompanied by some cooler air aloft. That means this afternoon will see an increase in cloud cover as daytime cumulus pop up in response to the stronger vertical temperature gradient. As of right now, it doesn’t look like these clouds will be tall enough to generate any rain but a stray sprinkle can’t be totally ruled out especially up in the mountains.

High temps today will be pleasantly warm, ranging from the mid 70s up in the mountains and along the immediate shorelines to the upper 80s across much of the coastal plain and foothills region.


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