Heat and Humidity Is Back Today

Hello everyone!

After a few days of much-needed vacation, I’m back and apparently so is the heat and humidity we’ve been plagued with much too frequently this summer. Satellite and radar imagery this morning show a cluster of showers moving through the central part of our area as of 6:45 AM. These will bring a few raindrops to the Bethel-Augusta-Lewiston-Wiscasset corridor over the next hour or two but otherwise will pass with little more than some overcast skies. Sunshine is observed to the west of these showers over NH, and will move into Maine later this morning.

That sunshine will team up with southwesterly breezes to produce hot and humid conditions across the area today. Highs will rise into the low/mid 80s north and right along the coast with upper 80s/low 90s in southern NH and interior SW ME. With dew points rising into the upper 60s, heat index values will make a run at the 95-degree criteria for being hazardous, particularly to those especially sensitive to the heat. So take it easy if you’re outside this afternoon and make sure to stay hydrated! With all the heat and humidity comes the chance for some showers and thunderstorms. At the moment, the best shot for some activity looks to be in the mountains and western NH. Storms likely won’t be severe this afternoon, but don’t be surprised if the stronger cells produce some gusty winds in addition to heavy rain and lightning.


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