Another Round Of Afternoon Showers and Storms Today

Hello everyone!

We still haven’t gotten rid of the cold front responsible for touching off afternoon showers and storms over the past few days. Once morning sunshine pushes temps up this morning, expect showers and storms to develop in the mountains before moving ESE towards the coastline. Showers and storms will be most numerous south of Route 2 and west of I-95/I-295. Much like the past few days, not everyone will see a storm this afternoon but those that do will experience a brief period of heavy rain, lightning, and the potential for gusty winds and small hail. Storms may linger a bit later today than recent days but should die out not long after sunset.

Skies today will start out partly/mostly sunny except for localized valleys inland and parts of the midcoast experiencing fog. Any fog should burn off by mid/late morning. A few mid/high clouds are spilling into northern regions closer to the front itself. So bluebird skies will have to wait for another day but most of us should see at least a few brighter hours especially if you live farther south.

High temps today will range from the low/mid 70s up north to the upper 80s/near 90 in southern NH. A sea breeze will keep the coastline a bit cooler in the mid/upper 70s.


One thought on “Another Round Of Afternoon Showers and Storms Today”

  1. All you meteorologists keep promising showers and they keep missing us here at the top of Casco Bay. My garden is disappointed. Thanks for these reports. Your live presentation the other day about the situation in the Gulf was fascinating. Extra thanks for that.

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