Showers And Storms Continue This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Our stretch of active weather will continue today as a very weak frontal boundary continues loitering near the Canadian border. A cluster of thunderstorms formed along that front last night in Quebec and its remnants have sagged into the mountains early this morning. As a result, don’t be surprised to wake up to a few raindrops north of Route 2.

Elsewhere in the area this morning, satellite imagery shows fairly widespread mid-level cloud cover ahead of a little disturbance over the Hudson Valley. Closer to the ground, fog is fairly thick in the valleys of NH and along the coastal plain NE of Portland. Expect both the mid-level clouds and the fog to clear out over the next several hours south of the mountains. As a result, we’ll see a few hours of sunshine midday before showers and storms once again pop up this afternoon/evening.

Just like the past several days, by the time we make it to noon, showers and storms will be popping up in the mountains and NW of the region in Quebec. These storms will move SE through the afternoon/evening hours and will bring the standard fare of heavy rain, lightning, breezy winds, and small hail for those towns that do end up getting hit. Once again, not everyone will see storms today, but the best chance will be farther north compared to yesterday. Also similar to yesterday will be the tendency for storms to persist into the later evening hours due to the warm airmass and continued support from the frontal boundary.

High temps will range from around 70 up in the mountains/far north to around 90 in southern NH.


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