Cool Early Fall Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Yesterday’s northerly breezes ahead of an approaching area of Canadian high pressure pushed cooler and drier air into the region. Today, that high will be directly overhead. That means clear skies, cool temps, and generally light winds.Highs will range from the upper 50s up north to near 70 in southern NH.

There’s not much else to say about what the atmosphere is up to in our area today, but there is some news from the ocean.

Hurricane Paulette is racing out to sea about five hundred miles to our southeast this morning. That means that powerful long-period swells will arrive in our waters today. These swells will present serious hazards to mariners especially near shore, as well as an extreme rip current danger for those at/near area beaches. They’ll also be pretty awesome to watch break on the rocks if you find the fight spot to observe them safely.


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