Back to Winter Today

Hello everyone!

Gusty NW winds are bringing winter back to our area this morning. Temps are seasonably cool across the area, and more cold air is headed our way. Today’s temperature forecast will be balanced by the strong March sun on one hand and the incoming Canadian airmass on the other. Spring will take the upper hand just long enough to boost temps above freezing downwind of the mountains while winter prevents even the shorelines from making it much above 40. Temps will fall again this afternoon as soon as the sun begins sinking lower in the western sky. Upslope flow will continue producing clouds and snow showers this morning in the usual spots, but as we run out of moisture to condense over the ridgelines, both snow showers and clouds will fade this afternoon.

The main story today will continue to be gusty winds, though those will be subsiding as well. 35-40 mph gusts won’t be enough to cause major/widespread power outage concerns, but it will make walking around outside feel rather chilly if you haven’t thrown on an extra layer or two.


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