Cool, Breezy, and Snowy Today

Hello everyone!

Winter is back today, and our currently cool airmass will get a round of reinforcements from the Canadian Arctic this afternoon. Ahead of this secondary shot of cold air, snow showers and squalls will become widespread starting around noon and continuing through the evening. This morning, snow showers and squalls are mostly confined to the mountains. This will change as the front approaches this afternoon. Expect snow showers and squalls to move off the mountains midday, and will continue to affect just about everyone at times through the evening. The most intense activity will be up in the mountains and northern foothills, but everyone will likely see flakes at some point. Accumulations will range from a coating at best along the southern coastline to as much as 2-4″ in the favored mountain spots.

Temps will fall as the front moves through, dropping from the mid 30s along the coast and mid 20s up north late morning to around freezing along the coast and around 20 up north by this afternoon. Winds will also be rather gusty from the northwest, though most spots will top out around 35-45 mph which is still just shy of major power outage concerns.


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