Cool Air Remains in Place Today, ForecasterJack Comes to a Close

Hello everyone!

The latter part of this week will be somewhat significant for me personally as I (finally) turn 21 and graduate college. Thus it seems like as good a moment as any to hang up my hat as a daily Maine weather guy. I’m excited to play nomad for the next year or so while working remotely part time before I venture off into the “real world” for good, and such a lifestyle doesn’t necessarily fit well with opening my laptop every morning.

It’s hard to believe this modest blog started over a decade ago when my dad urged my ten-year-old self to ditch my previous blogging endeavor for something more professional. This little project has been by my side through quite a lot from the pre-Halloween snowstorm of 2011 when I was just starting the long slog of middle school to the blockbuster winter of 2014-15 when the “cool kids” realized snowday prediction made me (somewhat) useful to the nor’easters of March 2018 as I tried to figure out where I’d go to college to now, just a couple humid days before I’ll finally be able to officially call myself a meteorologist.

Many of you have been along for much of this ride too, and have offered words of encouragement that have meant the world to me. In 2018 when I headed off to college I thought about writing a post like the one I have now before my dad once again had a smart suggestion: maybe the good forecast-seeking people of western Maine and New Hampshire could bribe me with some pizza and textbook money to stay on the job. Well, it worked. I’m very grateful for all that folks have chipped in over the last four years to keep this little project running. I have turned off the Patreon as of this morning. Perhaps I should have done it a while ago- after all, there are many more deserving of your dollars than I.

I could go on reminiscing about the adventures I’ve had trying to forecast Northern New England’s fickle weather and all that I’ve learned in the process, but this rambling has gone on long enough. Thanks for a great run everybody! If you’re looking for reliable local weather info aside from our excellent local TV stations and the NWS, check out Mike Haggett’s Pine Tree Weather blog. He and his crew do a great job!

With that, here we go one last time.

Today will feature continued cool and mostly clear weather as Canadian high pressure settles overhead. Northeasterly winds this morning will shift to the east this afternoon leading to falling temperatures and some patchy stratus/fog near the coast. Another batch of clouds may approach from the north this afternoon ahead of a weak frontal boundary. Thus the north and coast will be coolest today with highs in the mid to upper 50s while the foothills in between remain sunnier and warmer with highs in the mid to upper 60s.