Cool And Rainy Today

Hello everyone!

Cool and rainy weather is set to take over the region today, with the cool portion of the forecast coming in from the northeast, and the rainy part of the forecast coming in from the southwest. The rain is associated with moisture streaming north from the remnants of Michael, so it could be heavy at times.

Radar imagery shows this rain moving into New Hampshire this morning, with Maine set to get in on the action over the next 1-2 hours. Look for just plain old steady rain through the middle part of the day as that tropical moisture gets lifted up and over our low-level cold air. The approach of a cold front this evening will result in a transition to more showery precipitation, with the passage of that front eventually shutting down the rain tonight.

Today’s rains will add up to a couple of inches, which won’t be enough for any major/widespread flooding concerns. Do keep an eye out though for low-lying spots typically susceptible to flooding, as they’ll probably be seeing some water today.

Highs will be on the chillier side north of the front, which will include everyone except SW NH. Temps in the mountains will sit around 45, with temps farther south around 55. Meanwhile in SW NH and the CT river valley, highs will top out in the low to mid 70’s!


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