Moderating Temps And Sunny Skies Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature slightly warmer temps compared to recent days, as well as sunny skies as the core of the coldest air moves off to our east. That said, it’s not exactly going to be mild today as highs range from 5 in the north to 20 in the south. Morning northwesterly winds will taper off this afternoon as high pressure crests overhead. Enjoy the beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Moderating Temps And Sunny Skies Today”

  1. Hey there just started following your blog a bit. I live in the AUgusta Maine area and was wondering about your thoughts for the next few weeks? I know we have rain this week but everyone keeps saying bitter cold and storms coming but everything here seems closer to rain this year. First two weeks in February we usually always get a good storm, could that play out this year again?

    1. Hi Andrew, the next few weeks look generally more cold than warm with plenty of storm opportunities but it remains uncertain whether or not we’ll get a big storm

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