Cool And Quiet Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cool temps and quiet weather as Canadian high pressure rolls in from the west. We still have some northwest flow to deal with this morning, which means that the mountains and areas NW of the mountains will be stuck under a low cloud deck due to upslope flow. Downwind of the mountains, skies are mostly clear (with one neat exception, to be discussed below) and will remain so through this afternoon. High temps will range from 45 in the north to 60 in the south. With NW winds keeping the sea breeze at bay, today will actually be warmer than many recent days for the immediate coast. Enjoy!


The neat exception to the coastal sunshine rule is shown here. Note the band of clouds across Cumberland County, shaped in a triangular formation with one apex just downwind of the Presidential Range. This cloud deck is actually a result of Mount Washington disrupting the airflow! As air hits the mountain, it’s forced to go around it. Once it gets past the mountain, it wants to fill the “gap” in the atmosphere just downwind of the mountain. As air on both sides rushes to fill that gap, convergence ensues, resulting in upward motion. This happens all the time, but today there’s just enough low level moisture to let that small amount of upward motion produce clouds.

The clouds should dissipate with daytime heating in the next couple hours.


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