Seasonably Chilly Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature chillier weather as a cold airmass moves in behind yesterday’s storm. Several of you were kind enough to drop your barometric pressure readings in the comments of yesterday’s post which confirmed that we were indeed dealing with a very strong storm. For those not familiar, winds are caused by horizontal differences in barometric pressure. The greater the pressure changes over some given distance, the stronger the winds will be. Since that very deep area of low pressure is now moving into the Canadian Maritimes, we have a relatively strong pressure gradient across the area this morning.

As a result, gusty NW winds are expected across the area today. These winds shouldn’t be strong enough to cause many power issues, but given that some trees and lines are still covered in snow and ice from yesterday’s storm, a few scattered outages can’t be ruled out.

With breezy NW winds, you already know what the clouds/precip part of the forecast looks like. Upsloping will bring clouds and flurries to the mountains (especially this morning) while the coastal plain should clear to sun relatively quickly. High temps will range from 10 in the north to 25 in the south.


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