Really Nice Weather Today

Hello everyone!

After a few more dreary days last week, we’re finally poised to enjoy the best that Spring in Maine has to offer today. Our storm has departed, light westerly breezes don’t have much cold air to bring into the region, but they will help keep us clear/dry and will help hold the sea breeze at bay. With that in mind, expect clear skies across the area for the entire day (though a few cirrus might show up later in the afternoon/evening). The strong May sun will boost temps into the mid 50s in the mountains and right along the midcoast while everyone else enjoys low to mid 60s. Some parts of southern NH may even break into the upper 60s! Believe it or not, this is almost exactly what high temperatures “should” look like at this time of year. Get outside and enjoy the lovely weather today, clouds and possibly some showers will return tomorrow through Monday as another round of cold air arrives.