A Taste of Summer today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a taste of summer as southwesterly breezes continue to push warmer air into the region. Aside from a few high clouds over northeastern parts of the area, expect sunny skies to prevail across the area today. The combination of warm air advection and clear skies will send temps to levels we haven’t seen since September. Highs will range from 75 in the mountains to 85 along the coastal plain. Southwesterly breezes should do a good job keeping the chilliest aspects of the sea breeze at bay, so expect warm temps to make it all the way to the shorelines, though mid 70s are more likely there than mid 80s. As you get closer to Penobscot Bay, shoreline temps will become much cooler as southwesterly breezes are more onshore than offshore. With that in mind, Rockland and adjacent areas are likely to top out around 65-70. With very low dew points, the warm temperatures today should feel pretty nice.