Lovely Spring Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature lovely spring weather as dry air filters in from Canada behind yesterday’s cold front. The NW breezes bringing that new airmass into the region will support some upslope clouds up in the mountains while downsloping keeps the coastline mostly clear. The exception may be along the Midcoast east of Brunswick which is farther from the relevant mountains, experiencing more NNW winds than NW winds, and is closer to the low pressure system over New Brunswick and its associated moisture. As a result, expect a few more clouds in this area especially this morning.

For the rest of the coastal plain, clear skies and downsloping winds will push temps into the low 70s this afternoon. The mountains and Midcoast will both remain cooler with highs around 55-60. A sea breeze will cool the immediate shorelines later this afternoon, though I don’t expect it to make much progress inland in the face of larger-scale northwesterly flow.

Enjoy the lovely weather!