A Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend Begins

Hello everyone!

Today will kick off an awesome weekend of late-spring weather as cooler air filters in from Canada. The leading edge of this cool air is currently surging southwest through southern Maine and will arrive in New Hampshire later this morning. As a result, temps in Maine will be substantially cooler than temps in New Hampshire today. Look for highs ranging from 60 along the coastline and in the mountains to 70 along the coastal plain/foothills. Most of NH should be able to hit 70 or 75 before the cooler air arrives, at which point temps will drop into the 60s.

As far as cloud cover goes, satellite imagery suggests that mostly clear skies are present across the region this morning with the exception of southern NH which is closest to a sprawling upper-level low drifting slowly east through the Mid Atlantic. Those clouds likely don’t have much more northward momentum, so if it’s clear at your location this morning, you can expect mostly sunny skies for the rest of the day. A few low/mid-level clouds are also noted along the cold front, but these seem to be dissipating over central Maine as of 6 AM. Either way, today will be mostly sunny outside of southern New Hampshire.

I will be away from the internet tomorrow morning, so there won’t be any update. Read on for my forecast for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will feature similarly cool temps (especially along the coast) and generally clear skies (especially in the morning). Look for high temps ranging from 70 in the CT Valley to 65 across most of the coastal plain/foothills/mountains to 55 right along the coast. A weak upper-level disturbance will send a few cirrus clouds in our direction tomorrow afternoon, but otherwise we’ll enjoy another day of full sunshine.

Have a nice weekend and get outside if you can!