Sun Increases from North to South Today

Hello everyone!

Satellite imagery as of 6 AM shows mostly cloudy skies in place across the region as moisture from a strong upper-level low over the Midwest drifts in our direction. Thankfully for us, a powerful Canadian high pressure system will be redirecting this low into the Tennessee Valley, sparing us from a multi-day heavy rain event. That high pressure system will be arriving from the northeast today, and as a result we can expect clouds to slowly retreat from north to south as the day goes on. So if you’re up in the mountains, you’ll get a mostly sunny day to enjoy while southern NH likely will remain overcast until after sunset. Folks in between will see sunshine for some time this afternoon proportional to their distance from the MA border. The farther away you are, the more sunshine you’ll get.

A somewhat similar trend will be observed with high temperatures. The warmest temps today (near 70) will be up near Waterville where the sun will be out the longest. As you move southwest down the coastal plain, look for temps to slowly fall through the 60s until you get to southern NH where highs likely won’t crack 60. The coast and mountains will, as usual, be a bit cooler (mid to upper 50s).