Somewhat Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

After several days (weeks?) of clear skies and dry conditions, we’re finally going to get a (very little) bit of rain today as a weak area of low pressure drifts through Quebec. Unfortunately, our radar site in Gray is down for repairs so assessing where showers are located this morning is a bit trickier. Based on the observational data that is available, it looks like the mountains and northeastern parts of the area (Augusta/Waterville and points north/east) have the best shot at some raindrops this morning while the middle part of the region sees overcast skies but dry conditions, and far southwestern parts of the area (SW NH) get a few peeks of sunshine.

That sunshine will try to advance northeast towards Portland later this morning, but even if we are able to manage a few sunny breaks, today will be far from bluebird. The main concern will be the extent to which the surface can be heated by the sun to support some afternoon shower activity. Right now, the best instability (for thunderstorms) will remain to our southwest, though SW NH could get some boomers later in the day. For the rest of us, brief showers will pop up a little after noon and will drift east. Not everyone will get one of these showers, and those that do won’t be under any given shower for very long. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a while for any substantial rain. If this dry pattern persists deeper into the summer, we’re going to have to start talking about drought pretty soon.

High temps today will vary considerably from north (mid/upper 50s) to south (mid/upper 70s) largely because a warm front is draped over the central part of the region, and because southwestern parts of the area have a much better shot at breaks of sunshine.


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