Heat Begins To Return Today

Hello everyone!

The beautiful northwest breezes we’ve enjoyed for the past few days are flipping around to the west/west-southwest today as high pressure slides offshore. That means that we’ll start to see temps rise as warmer air infiltrates from the southwest. High temps today will range from 70 in the mountains and right along the midcoast to 80 across much of the interior/foothills to near 90 in southern NH.

Skies across the region this morning are mostly sunny outside of the mountains, and this will generally remain the case through the rest of the day. We’ll see more sun than clouds especially in southern/eastern parts of the area and especially this morning before some cumulus develop in response to daytime heating this afternoon. A few of those cumulus may get just tall enough to produce a few raindrops later this afternoon in northeastern parts of the area, but much like yesterday, most of the area will be dry for most of the day even with a few showers cruising around.


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